Design: Mariya Golyanskaya
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Crystals detox-bar company
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Juice, smoothie, salad, chia pudding, sushi sandwich, vegan burger, sweets
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic and paper packaging
Printing Process: Digital printing

Crystals is a young company, founded in 2017. The founders turned to me to create a healthy diet brand in the format: take and go. The product line was presented in the form of juices, smoothies, soft drinks, chia puddings and a salad bar.

Products are aimed at people who care about their health but are limited in time and are forced to eat fast food on the go. These are young, modern people who lead an active lifestyle. It is important for them to eat quality food with a simple composition. This direction was new for Russia and I had the task to make it understandable and noticeable to others.

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The main product of the bar was juices and smoothies, I developed an individual bottle shape for them. The packaging should be as simple and transparent as possible so that the product is clearly visible. The colors of the labels are as close as possible to the color of what is inside the package. The label does not distract attention from the content itself and is simply a storage medium.

The packaging turned out to be very bright and attractive due to the large color palette! This allowed us to achieve maximum interest from customers. I was able to fully realize the wishes of the customer and make the product visible, understandable, and convenient to eat on the go.