Regal Rogue Vermouth

Squad Ink

Agency: Squad Ink
Creative Director: Matthew Squadrito
Designers: Matthew Squadrito, Robbie North, Abigail Gordon
Project Manager: Ninna Dorgan, Ashleigh Jack
Illustrator: Jamie Browne
Illustrator: Ross Murray (Jacky Winter Group)
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Regal Rogue
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Vermouth
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: HP Indigo, Gold Foiling

Regal Rogue stands at the forefront of today’s vermouth renaissance with its disruptive twist on the classics. It boldly marries a selection of native Australian aromatics with organic local wines to bring a new and more accessible expression of vermouth to the world.

The challenge for us was to create a new world vermouth brand that carries the prestige of a European vermouth but the proud swagger of a new to market, contemporary product. Our task was to create a confident brand worthy of shaking up the stagnant vermouth category with it’s unorthodox blend of native Australian aromatics and it’s adventurous spirit.

This intriguing character brand is centred around a charismatic knight (The Rogue) who roams the world with his cross-eyed owl companion in search of new discoveries. The knight’s courageous stance offers a bold and commanding presence on the pack that draws you in for a closer look.

“The vermouth beverage category has remained stagnant for too long. So we turned to Squad Ink to revive it with a breathtaking brand.” Mark Ward, Founder

We’ve elevated the product to a whole new level of sophistication and charm. Our custom-designed bottle boasts a proud shoulder that bears the upside-down crown brand mark – a symbol of Regal Rogue’s cheeky and disruptive attitude.

The new proprietary bottle is a shift away from a fortified wine style to vintage spirit bottle with an apothecary-style flange and a pronounced, chiseled shoulder with the words ‘Merriment’ embossed out of the glass – Stemming from their ethos to “Charge your glass and celebrate the spirited adventurer in us all.” The thick heel also gives the bottle weight and gravitas, given it’s 500ml in volume.

The custom metal stopper crowns the bottle drawing in the customer with glorious radiant gold. The stopper carries prestige and is a pinnacle feature of the package to elevate the premiumness of Regal Rogue. It features a detailed side knurling and embossed brand seal.

The nominated label stock ‘Bagasse’ aligns with Regal Rogue’s sustainable and natural position, made from waste sugarcane fibre that is certified compostable, tree-free, and has a recycle-compatible adhesive. Sugarcane paper is more eco-friendly to produce than wood-pulp paper. It also bio-degrades faster and returns nutrients to the soil.