CARRYONS : Wearable crayons

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Design: Shubhra Tiwari and Ankita Tamboli and Shivani Kale
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Crayons
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Canvas
Printing Process: Block printing

From Thanos’s hand with the Infinity Stones to Barbie’s crown with precious jewels, children enjoy just about anything that they can wear and call their own. Inspired by this enthusiasm, we came up with a wearable crayon set of 12. The triangular-shaped crayons have magnetic wrapping and stick to each other. These are packed in an envelope-like packaging in two sets of 6 crayons each, which can be folded like a book. This can be worn around the wrist/arm/palm, using an elastic stretchable band provided on one side. The folded top is magnetic, onto which the crayons can be stuck when not in use – kids can carry and flaunt their colours without actually having to hold them – hence the name Carryons. Simple and hasslefree, this crayon set is sure to keep young artists engaged without any worries of making a mess or losing any colours!

What’s Unique?
Carryons gives children a one-of-a-kind experience of wearable stationery. It attempts at giving kids a fun sense of ownership and responsibility. The magnetic packaging also ensures an enhanced interactive experience. From simply sticking the crayons onto the cover, to building a structural masterpiece out of the crayons themselves – imagination and simplicity work hand-in-hand. The triangular shape of the crayons makes for a comfortable grip, while also preventing them from rolling off the table and saving them from nasty breaks. Kids can also personalise their set of Carryons by writing their name on the space provided on the cover.
Carryons takes crayons and turns them into an experience, rather than just another box of stationery.