Derrick Lin


Design: Ruslan Jabrayilov
Location: Azerbaijan
Project Type: Produced
Client: Mpro / Sevimli Dad
Product Launch Location: Azerbaijan
Packaging Contents: Packing design of dairy product line
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tetra Pak cardboard bottles and plastic cans
Printing Process: Digital printing, Flexography

Packing design of dairy product line for manufacturing company of dairy products Mpro Sevimli Dad brand. Assortment: milk, kefir, ayran, dovga, sour cream, gatig, cream. Main customer requirements:

  1. 70-80% of white color on packing and association with medicines (the manufacturing company uses the milk enriched by vitamins),
  2. Labeling type design for the determination of product fat at first sight.

As a result, I have designed the labeling in the dependence on product fat: 30% product fat is orange color, up to 6% product fat is red color, up to 3% product fat is green color, low 2% product fat is the blue color. Currently, the whole product line is available in point of sale and it profitably differs from the classic design of dairy products on shopboards. Instruments: modeling Maxon Cinema 4D 20.04/ Render: Keyshot 7.2 are used for the presentation of the product line.

The printing is carried out on the paper of special technology by PromUpak (Ukraine) company.

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