Derrick Lin


Design: Vighnesh Dudani
Location: India
Project Type: In-progress
Packaging Contents: Seed balls
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bamboo & Recycled Paper
Printing Process: Foil stamping & digital printing

Terra Seed Balls is an idea, a concept dedicated to serving the environment as well as the people. An approach that brings nature to our store shelves. We aim to do this by selling seed bombs of plants such as vegetables, flowers, etc.

Imagine, you walk into your regular store but this time instead of picking vegetables/fruits for your dinner or flowers for a loved one you pick up seed balls for the same purpose. P.S: Obviously, not for the same days’ dinner though.

The idea is to motivate consumers to grow their very own organic gardens, in the comfort of their homes. The benefits of this are numerous including: Gardening is proven to boost your mental health. Also, it proves to be a good exercise. Your own organically grown food means you consume lesser harmful chemicals. You also benefit financially.

Just imagine, next time when you need tomatoes for that pasta, they’ll be waiting to be plucked right outside your kitchen window.

Also, the packaging is such that it can be repurposed as a generic container by the consumer. The pack of 6 is for regular plants such as tomatoes, roses, ferns, etc. The pack of 12 is designed to market exotic plants such as orchids & also it’s designed to be presentable as a gift hence encouraging people to use it for gifting purposes & promote the movement.

Coming to the primary objective, unfortunately, it hurts to see that majority of the people even today do not understand the threat to our planet caused by our rapidly disappearing flora. They fail to understand the long term benefits of planting a tree hence, we are trying to market the idea of planting with immediate personal as well as environmental benefits.
So, PLANT! This time not just for the forthcoming generations or the planet but for yourself too.

What’s Unique?
I believe the approach to the problem is what makes this project unique. Most of the environmental movements promoting to save our flora speak about the planet & our future generations. But unfortunately, many people yet fail to see the bigger image & support the cause. I am of the hopes that when they’re given an immediate benefit & the experience of trying something new (gardening/kitchen garden) they’ll be more inclined to the idea. Even though this cannot replace a forest it does help to spread some greenery across urban communities.

Also using bamboo as a material means it can be sustainably sourced & composed easily hence not generating any waste.

Had rarity been the key to luxury, there would be nothing as luxurious as nature.