Derrick Lin


Design: Alisa Vorkunova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Dairy Farm Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton

Rodnaya glubinka is a 100% natural dairy farm products from the “native village”, where we spent our childhood, where nature cares for us with love and tenderness.

As a key symbol of the trademark, which should distinguish the brand and be remembered by the buyer, was drawn a slightly childish and very cute cow in the unconventional technique. The concept is made in a minimalistic white color without color accents, which combines all the products in one family. Cow and calligraphy demonstrate trust, naturalness, purity, and a reminder of childhood. Today, this is a godsend for busy people and families who care about their health.

The concept creates an image of a natural, clean and always fresh farm product made with care and love.