SEVEN SEAS – Cod Liver Oil Capsules

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Derrick Lin


Design: Jaysmi D Badole
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT-Institute of Design
Tutor: Hari Kara
Packaging Contents: Dietary supplement
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Brown Glass Bottle & PLA
Printing Process: Flexography

For about 80 years, Seven Seas has been a pioneer in cod-liver oil capsules has never compromised on its purity value.

Primary problem include fishy odour, caused by oxidation due to exposure to sunlight, heat, moisture or oil leakage; Dosage size, the user tends to never complete the capsules because to foul smell and expiration; Reducing waste generation by plastic container; Awareness of it being a fish-based supplement which is often confused followed by dispensing of the capsules.

What’s Unique?
The design is made apt by retaining the emotional selling point of the previous packaging. Using yellow to symbolise loyalty, energy as promising as the product itself, the form with its features follows all the aforesaid design criteria. The graphics call out to aware of it being fish-based supplement while dispensing cap being air-tight reduces risk factors and lets the product be safe. Shelf-positioning results in impressive billboard effect Allow us to reintroduce Seven Seas as table-top lifestyle supplement, catchy to consume, and ensures no-odour, making a statement that it was specialised in cod-liver oil capsules, is and will always be.