TATA Tea Premium Tea Bag and Box – Redesigned

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Derrick Lin


Design: Gopika Gopakumar
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Delhi Technological University
Tutor: Student
Packaging Contents: Tea dust
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin (box), Silk Cotton aligned with Food grade plastic (tea bags)
Printing Process: Lithography Offset printing

This is a package redesigning project I did and I took TATA Tea Premium Tea Bag and Box as my product to work on. TATA Tea is India’s largest packaged tea brand.

Through this project, I tried changing almost everything about the existing packaging. Currently, they use a laminated paper box for their primary packaging and filter paper teabags. They have a lot of information that is provided on the packaging, which might feel repetitive for some users. I also observed from most of the customers I interviewed that, they never go through all the paragraphs that are written on the packaging.

So, I placed the necessary information (Logo, Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date, Content, Quantity, Pricing, slogan, etc.) on the visible sides of the box. Also, in my redesigned version of the product, the tea box is made up of Tin and has an illustration that runs through all four sides of the box, which can make its stacking and presentation more eye-catching and unique.

Instead of the normal tea dust pouches, I tried incorporating some Indian culture into the packaging through a modified, yet old version of cloth pouches.

What’s Unique?
The new design for the teabags can remind the customer about the old Indian traditions and customs. A tea bag having a traditional cloth pouch shape is rather unique and so is the design of the tea box. An illustration that runs through all four sides of a tea box is not something that we see every day in the Indian market.