Design: Elena Gavrilova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Wine

It’s so tiresomely to stand in the store near the shelves and try to choose a wine bottle. How great it would be to pick a wine to your current mood. This wine is perfect for young girls with a sense of humor.

A piglet is the central object of the packaging. Piglets are very sweet animals. All girls like cute pets.

Red wine — Special DAY WINE. It is for a special day in life when you want to dress up and to feel like a princess. The main symbol of the princess is of course the crown.

Rosé — Hard DAY WINE. It was just not your day. “WTF?” stuck in a head. It’s time to tell all your troubles to friends and open a bottle of wine.

White wine — Hot DAY WINE. It is perfect with ice in a hot day in a good company. The most important thing is keeping your head out of the sun. A sun hat would come in handy.