Galletas Integrales De Avena Del Trópico

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Design: Hello Design
Location: Colombia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Galletas Integrales De Avena
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Laminate
Printing Process: Flexography

Development of a new image INTEGRAL BISCUITS OF OATS FROM THE TROPICO Grupo Tropi own brand, for lovers of sweet foods who know very well how complicated it can be to find delicious and healthy variants to accompany breakfasts and snacks; However, the WHOLE OATS OF THE TROPIC COOKIES are a perfect combination between flavor and nutrition. For people who consume coffee at work, meetings, to regain energy, wake up and be able to carry out their activities.

What’s Unique?
With an artisan, homemade and reliable concept that evokes tradition and economy, at Hello Design we interpret this challenge with a style that goes further, looking for a concrete, digestible, simple and forceful design, all this to create a friendly, striking and functional packaging while respecting the image of the brand and the nature of the product.