Design: Caroline Jackson
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Student Project
School: Shillington Education
Packaging Contents: Soy/ Wax Candle
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Printing

Our brief was to create the packaging for a unique luxury product. I was given the product “candle” and the customer was “naturists”. Naturists being an interesting and difficult demographic to sell a luxury candle too, I decided to go down the path of all things natural – in holistic health, materials, ingredients and a minimal natural look and feel.

Being inspired by the concept of including natural essential oils in the candles I researched into Japanese culture. I discovered it was a custom in Japan to bathe nude in an Orson Hot tub while relaxing and taking in the scenery and environment to bring about a sense of tranquility and calmness to one’s life. I also discovered Japanese art and design which seemed quite fitting for the use on a candle packaging with its fluidity, minimalistic and luxury aesthetic. I decided on the name “Nudo” as this translates to Nude in Japanese. Nudo’s range of scented candles are inspired by Japanese essential oils – Hakka, Hinoki And Yuzu, known for there calming and uplifting benefits that bring balance and harmony to your mind and body, bringing a part of the traditional nudists bathing custom in hot tubs into your own home. The Elegant illustrations and graphic elements on each of the packaging are hand-drawn and derived from Japanese culture. The typeface and patterns create a luxury look and feel to the packaging while the soft colour palette keeps it paired back and minimal.

What’s Unique?
The unique element is interpreting naturists outlook in life into a candle packaging idea and using Japanese culture, art, graphic elements and essential oils to create a minimalistic yet luxury product.

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