Golden packaging concept



Design: Eslam Hassan
Location: Qatar
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Fries, chips, pizza, burger, coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Golden paper
Printing Process: Foil stamping, Digital printing

The main idea about this project is to create a luxury packaging for each brand to fit with these brands.

What’s Unique?
As known, packaging design is one of the most important assets of brands, the question now is what if these brands were ti create the golden packaging as their new line and how will it look? ​​​​

I changed the packaging to be easier to use, that’s why I replaced the pack open area from the top to the side, and now it’s so easy to grab all your favorite chips till the last piece just rotate to open the pack, then spring from the bottom will push chips up again once you take some.

I redesign the concept of fries packing for McDonald’s to be easier to use because the normal one once we receive the order all fries go out of the box. and I add Mcdonald’s slogan on the side of the box once you open it you will see the full slogan.

Burger king
Trying to make the burger looks like a KING, I created a packing That once pulling the small part down of the box the Cover opens and the burger goes up because I attached both the small part under the sandwich and the Cover.

This one was a challenge to create because my goal was to make a packing that matches with Pizza Hut logo if viewed from any side, so I made the bottom box with drawer, and the top I add a small box which will contain all sides or napkin, ketchup, or cutleries.