Design: Kayvan Khimsaria
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Maeers MIT
Packaging Contents: Pharmaceutical drug
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paperboard

What if, we use packaging as a means to bring a small change in the consumer’s habit and to make the product more sustainable?

Used inhalers are an interesting item to dispose of. In fact, most people have no idea what to do with them and simply keep them or throw them in their garbage. A reusable inhaler could lead to reducing the product’s carbon footprint and plastic waste.

What’s Unique?
In this packaging design, inhalers become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. With this packaging, a consumer gets an extra canister. Which they can store and use it once the other is over. This creates a habit or a need to buy a new canister and not the whole inhaler which cuts plastic waste.

It couldnt be easier, to breathe new LiFE into your old inhalers.