Baskin Robbins Bon Bons


Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Design: Therefore Design Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Ice creams
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Sachet

Our collaboration with Baskin Robbins was taken a notch higher, with the launch of a premium range of chocolates, Baskin Robbins Bon Bons! Renowned for their indulgent ice creams, Baskin Robbins introduced Bon Bons, a luscious celebration of luxuriant almonds, cranberries and butterscotch, coated in smooth rich chocolate, to coincide with the festive season.

The Ask:
With gifting perceptions in India essentially driven by the size of the gift itself, people are inclined to equate a larger gift with a higher monetary value. We collaborated with Baskin Robbins to design an impressive packaging that was evocative of the high value of the chocolates.

Our Solution:
The design language of the Bon Bons packaging carries forward a celebratory mood that lends an air of exquisiteness to the product. We achieved this by way of a uniquely-designed box that is light-weight and easy to carry, while retaining its sophisticated charm at all times. To create a sense of height, we created unusually long internal pouches and used dark colours to enhance the external pack so that it stands apart on retail shelves. A unique step display allows each pouch to be distinctly visible, clearly defining the 3 sections and allowing for each pouch to be accessed easily. The distinctive design allows the lid of the box to fit at a cross angle on top of the bottom container, lending it a very contemporary look and feel. We used enticing and evocative photography to represent the supreme quality of the ingredients and the chocolates themselves, positioning the product as very high on quality. Finally, we used a matte finish complemented by glossy UV Spot over the product image to accentuate the product’s drool factor and heighten its perceived luxury value.