Vadilal Quick Treat


Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Design: Therefore Design Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Vadilal Industries Ltd
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Ice Cream, Badam Milk, Bakery, Lick Lock, Frozen Mithai
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Tin, Paper

Our research of the then prevalent Quick Treat packaging and the ice cream market had shown that the brand lacked a distinct character. This created a huge barrier for customers as they were unable to easily identify the brand in the retail space. Our objective was to enable buyers to effortlessly spot and pick Vadilal Quick Treat, from a freezer teeming with other brands.

Develop a unique brand positioning and impactful packaging for an export range of ice creams, mithai ice creams, frozen mithai, ice candies, and bakery products. The rationale was to reposition Vadilal Quick Treat in the premium segment, through eye-catching graphics and colors.

Target Audience:
Everybody loves to indulge in a delicious scoop of ice cream. So, our target audience comprised of almost every age group, primarily people of Indian origin in the overseas market.

Trending news and current affairs often play a very important role in determining how consumers engage with products and brands. Pure milk ice cream in India, was one such issue in the news, with competing brands trying to build strong ‘pure milk’ associations in the consumers’ minds. We leveraged insights from this consumer behaviour, to design the packaging for the Vadilal Quick Treat ice cream and frozen mithai ranges. We introduced milk as a differentiator through our design, and brought it into focus, a very first for the industry!

We incorporated a strong and unique brand colour of dark blue that would let Vadilal command instant attention in the freezer. Choosing a central theme of spontaneous free-flowing (milk) imagery, combined with minimal design elements, we successfully pegged the brand in the premium segment. Above all, the design also emphatically established the pure milk connotation, across ice creams, cassata ice creams and kulfis.

Since the primary ingredient in Badam Milk (almond milk) is milk, we chose to carry forward the milk connotation, from the premium Ice cream range. Like the ice cream range, for the Badam Milk range too we used the dark blue colour along with contrasting colours that would complement the flavours – chocolate, elaichi (cardamom), Kesar (saffron), butterscotch and rose.

Coining the name ‘Sweets of India’, we enabled Vadilal Quick Treat to club two entirely different categories of products; ice cream and Indian sweetmeats (mithai), thus creating a powerful synergy between the two, and two distinct product ranges – frozen mithai and mithai ice cream. Strong colour variants, contrasted against pure white and delicate gold, lent a vibrant mix of Indianness and minimalism.

We carried forward the idea of a ‘swirl’ or a ‘splash’, into the Lick Lock range of ice candies. Only this time, instead of milk, the swirl was reminiscent of the juiciness of the ice candies across flavours like mango, chatpati, jaljeera, kala khatta and cola. Creating these swirls in colours of the original ingredients allowed us to make the packaging very vibrant, while also lending it a fun and youthful vibe.

Comprising of a range of khari and cookies, the bakery range for Vadilal Quick Treat was specially intended for the overseas NRI market. We incorporated the dark blue brand colour into this range, contrasting it against a distinct set of vibrant colours; one each for every product type. We also used enticing product photographs on the front of packs, complementing it with attractive icons of quintessential kitchen tools and utensils.

In our role as brand custodians, we continue to partner with Vadilal Quick Treat, to create exceptional packaging for a truly diverse range of products. And, through almost all the packaging, what remains constant is the strong milk association, which is now central to the brand.