Bega Peanut Butter

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Design: Navya Rela
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Raffles design international
Tutor: Chaity Tan
Packaging Contents: Peanut Butter
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard,Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

This is a packaging proposal for Bega Cheese, an Australian owned and operated cheese company located in the beautiful Bega Valley, on the south coast of New South Wales. From tasty cheese to vintage, light, blocks, slices, cubes, processed cheese, kids string cheese and junior sticks. Bega offers a complete range of cheeses to suit the whole family.

The existing packaging is similar to its rival firm, Kraft which has similar visual approach so it is confusing for the customer to differentiate between the brands and fails to establish its own brand identity. The packaging is not an instant solution so it does not allow the consumer to have it when they are traveling or are away from their homes.

Instead, the packaging can be done in a small box that can suffice around 100g of peanut butter packaged with peel off paper so that people can carry it around and have it instantly. Kids prefer other chocolate spreads over peanut butter but clearly not all chocolate spreads are a healthy choice hence this peanut butter has various flavors and the packaging is appealing to the kids.

What’s Unique?
I have done everything from the scratch. I have also made templates and have made real prototypes of this packaging. The packaging is especially made for kids and is a design solution which allows them to have peanut butter anywhere and everywhere when they are away from their homes allowing them to opt for a healthier choice. The packaging is done using paper and cardboard in order to save the environment.