Calçotada. Catalan gastronomic tradition

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Derrick Lin


Design: Mimi Graphic Designer
Location: Spain
Project Type: Student Project
School: Esdap Llotja
Tutor: Sònia Jou
Packaging Contents: Pack to make a Calçotada (food, sauce, newspaper, instructions and a bib)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, paper, glass jar
Printing Process: Digital printing

Calçotada. Catalan gastronomic tradition is a project that gives a visual identity to the calçotada tradition, as well as a pack to live the tradition and be able to export it outside of Catalonia.

Traditions of other cultures such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day or October fest, among others, are celebrated around the world and we have included them in our daily lives. Why not export our Catalan traditions and culture? In this case, the Calçotada, because has a strong inclusive and social character. In addition, the calçots are easy to cook, suitable for all audiences and very affordable.

This project is the result of an analysis of traditions and globalization. The objective is to improve the world by reinforcing what unites us knowing the traditions of other cultures.

To achieve this objective, a pack has been created with the essential elements to make a Calçotada, allowing the user to have a real experience. In addition, the Calçotada brand and its entire universe have been designed, in order to give the tradition personality and make it known.

As complementary elements, a graphic campaign has been generated to make it known and to give it visibility around the world. And finally, a digital publication that has an informative function and is free download for the user.

The project has been designed in accordance with the values of Calçotada: sustainability and respect for the environment, since calçot is a product of the earth and natural. The packaging does not contain gluing, it is all in one piece, the papers are recycled, the inks are ISO 14001 certified and FSC chain of custody and all the elements of the pack are recyclable and / or reusable.

What’s Unique?
It is unique because there is no pack and no branding on the Calçotada’s tradition that it exists. In addition, the aim of the project is to export the tradition so that people from all over the world can celebrate it.