First Aid Box Redesigned

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Design: Sharwin Sahasrabudhe
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute Of Design , Pune
Tutor: Hari Kara , HOD, Product Design Department
Packaging Contents: First Aid, Bandages, Disinfectants, Tools, Etc.
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Hemp, Velcro
Printing Process: Stamp Printing

The project brings a new take on to First aid kits. The Kit has been designed with the situation and mindset the user would face during a emergency situations. A lot of thought has been gone into simplifying the process with use of simple logos and type faces to help the user even n a panic situation. The materials have also been chosen to put hygiene and disinfection in mind. The first aid kit attempts to provide simplification by dividing the process of first aid and provide user with a easier and more organized approach towards providing first aid.