Gimme Some Gum

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Derrick Lin


Design: Niharika R
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Bubble gum sticks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paperboard
Printing Process: Offset Printing with Spot UV emboss

The project undertaken is for hypothetical brand that sells fruit flavoured bubble gum sticks, mints and candies. The project covers the process of branding, illustration, packaging design and content writing for their fruity bubblegum product.

Gimme Some is a brand with a very fun, gen Z kinda vibe. The brand is based on the emotion and the situation that one goes through, everytime a packet of gum or mints or candy is opened. It instantly causes the person nearest to you to say the words, “Can I have one?”, “Oooh gum!, give me” , *holds out their hand* and such is life. One cannot refuse to give them a piece of gum but they would sure want to give them a piece of their mind! The whole brand vibe is a fun, passive aggressive teen who reluctantly shares their gum. According to a quick research it was found that “gimme some gum” is the most commonly used phrase in the context. Hence, the name of the brand! Establishing a sense of relatability and also stealthy marketing *wink wink*. The recall value- since it the term “gimme some” is so commonly used when asking for gum, that no matter what gum you are talking about, the words will cause the person to remember the brand.

The factor of adaptability has been considered while branding so the name Gimme Some can go with every product that they intend to launch ( Gimme Some – Gum, Gimme Some- Mints)

The Packaging is attractive paper board box with a drawer/ pull mechanism that is inspired by the action of pulling someone by the sleeve, or tapping on the person’s shoulder to extract a piece of gum from them.

The closing mechanism of the box is like that of a flip top box (Cigarette box lid).It stays in place after closing, pull action to open.

What’s Unique?
The brand is incorporating a very real feeling that is relatable to almost everyone who has ever had to share gum. The unique box with the quirky illustrations, the style of opening and the vibe that comes with it is something that Gen Z kids cannot ignore. Passive aggressive is their style and this brand proudly embraces it! It’s trendy and very hip and is show off worthy when someone catches you pulling it out of your pocket.