Kick By Kattan

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Design: Jeffrin James
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design, Pune
Packaging Contents: Black Coffee Cold Brewed
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium can
Printing Process: UV Curing

The project is a hypothetical concept for a brand that sells black coffee (cold brewed) in cans. The aspects covered in the project includes branding, identity design, mascot creation, illustration, packaging (label design), merchandising and creation of promotional collaterals. The roles played include that of a graphic designer, illustrator and content writer.

KICK by KATTAN is a black coffee brand with a high energy vibe. It’s loud, young, fun, and has a lot of power associated with it. Low on energy, motivation or life? Work or assignments piled up? Mood-swings making you cranky? Grab a can of KICK by KATTAN and see how your coffee uses its powers! A perfect combination of caffeine, motivation and energy in a single can. It’s a can full of ‘you can’!

The brand targets teens, young adults, millennials, hipsters, college students and anyone who would like to have a sudden burst of high energy to do anything that makes them content. Kattan is a widely used term in the South-Indian state of Kerala and it means “sans-milk”. I’ve incorporated that in the nomenclature coz I figured out this word needs an new level of exposure among the larger public (why not?) and it serves the purpose of the brand – black coffee!

On the contrary, the mascot of the brand is a SLOTH! Yep, that’s right – the laziest animal on the planet. Who else could portray the brand so perfectly! The illustrations depict a simple, clean and to-the-point concept – KICK by KATTAN energizes even the laziest animal on the planet. Oh, we call him Mr. Dash by the way. On the label we see the aftermath of what happens when Mr. Dash tries out KICK by KATTAN. A never-seen-before version of the ever-lazy animal doing things that make him happy and excited. Guess these guys were procrastinating all their lives and this is the perfect product they never realized they needed in life. Well, that’s what Mr. Dash told us and we take that as positive feedback. *shruggs*

What’s Unique?
The story-telling aspect of the brand on the packaging (label design) of the can is unique and catches the attention of the youngsters, teens, young adults, millennials, hipsters and college students. The illustrations visually communicate in a simple and to-the-point way the whole idea of a sloth getting energized with a can of “KICK by KATTAN” drink. The brand language on the packaging is playful and fun with a shade of swag, reinforcing the funky attitude of the drink. It is bold loud and very different from the existing canned cold coffee brands.