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Derrick Lin


Design: Oleksandra Romanenko
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Student Project
School: National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture
Tutor: Vitaly Shostya, Olena Batenko, Svetlana Koshkina
Packaging Contents: Candies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Plastic

The triangle is a symbol of creativity, the threefold essence of the world. The word “Triptych” means the unity of three masterpieces of art in one.

The gift packaging consists of three cardboard packages and a group plastic package. The forms of the packaging series are based on the rhythmic structure of equilateral triangles, and in the group, they form a single triangle.

The name “Triptych” corresponds to the number of chocolate candies (white, milk, black), the number of packages, and the number of shapes and colors used in the graphic.

Three colors, three shapes, three chocolate flavors. One creative and sweet gift! Triptych – the art of chocolate shapes!

What’s Unique?
The white background is a canvas, on which “live” three basic geometric figures, forming a work of art – a triptych. Each package is made of a single sheet and assembles without gluing. The group packaging is made of a single sheet of plastic and has a triangle lock in the center.