Agency: BasileADV – Resistenza
Creative director: Andrea Basile
Type design: Giuseppe Salerno
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Cantina Camusi
Print: La Commerciale
Adhesive: Arconvert
Copy Writer: Chiara De Berardinis
Photo: Diego De Dominicis
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper
Printing Process: Flexography, Foil stamping

It is said that a boundary is the limit that delineates an inside and an outside, but there is no such line that is not shared. In this context, Montemarano, Paternopoli, Castelfranci came together to give life to an extraordinary point of contact: Borders. A project with a soul that requires perspective in order to be understood. Its romantic, enveloping, almost nostalgic dimension tells us about a long journey that lasted three years, which brings with it the intensity of an Aglianico ready to become an elegant and ethereal Taurasi.

Created by Andrea Basile, creative director, Giuseppe Salerno and Paco González, type designer, the project in question perfectly embodies the idea of recovering the strong Irpinia tradition, the basic concept of the Camusi family, and expresses the rich manual skills in the constant care of life that it translates completely into the label. In fact, in his graphic design he tried to transfer exactly this concept, printed on Materica Gesso ultra WS paper and ennobled with hot gold details, it was decided to use a floral motif, in particular roses, which since ancient times as real sentinels able to prevent vineyard “diseases”.

Embroidered with patience and love just like our grandmothers did in the past, warm colors with deliberately soft contrasts were preferred to get closer to the character of the wine, which rested for three long years in fine barrels before being consumed. A graceful and high-contrast lettering with Roman capitals, a flourish from the letter N unites all the letters and makes the composition more compact. The aim of the packaging is to express the thought of a natural wine obtained with the ancient work of farmers in the vineyard. A visual journey that recalls the craftsmanship and preciousness of purely Italian work.

Confini is a fulfilled promise, which needs its time to come true and to amaze.