Niu Beer – Spring Festival

Derrick Lin


Agency: NiceLab Studio
Project Type: Prodcued
Packaging Content: Beer
Location: China

When receiving this project, we sat in the conference room and looked at each other. For the upcoming new year, we saw many expectations and hopes in the eyes of each other. The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is the most important festival for us Chinese throughout the year. During the Spring Festival, three or five friends drank a swig together, chat about the ups and downs of the past year, and looked forward to the future.

The Spring Festival is also a day for family reunion, no matter how tired and bitter outside, there is always a breeze in the wine when facing the family. On the Spring Festival, we seem to have a lot of auspicious words. In the coming year, we always hope that we and our relatives and friends can——

Everything goes well/everything goes smoothly/good life and well-being/smiles/Pepsi/Auspicious/Good luck/Good health/Study progress/Smooth work/Wish things come true/Family joy/Happy life/Happy life /Family harmony/Prosperity and happiness in your career/More than a year/Family rich

We used Chinese “language” to speak these blessed “words”, so we started this design with auspicious words.

The mood of blessing is in the wine, and also in the wine.

In the graphic design, we selected four objects or phenomena in reality to refer to these four words based on the homophonic/intention/borrowing/general shapes/markers of the four selected blessings. Everything goes well→persimmon/prosperous→sunrise on the sea/yearly surplus→fish/gongxifacai→copper coin.

In terms of color matching, the Spring Festival is our traditional festival, so we chose to use Chinese traditional colors for matching. Each bottle has 3 colors, a group of four bottles, 12 colors, and they are colorful and lively together, and they are not monotonous. At the same time, it fits the simple and direct sense of modern design.

It is hoped that modern design techniques can be incorporated into traditional design elements to rejuvenate the festival design.

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