Agency: Squad Ink
Creative Director: Matthew Squadrito
Designers: Abigail Gordon, Jess Browne
Illustration: Abigail Gordon
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Sacred Grounds Coffee
Product Launch Location: Australia
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polyester (PET)
Printing Process: Gravure

Sacred Grounds believes that everyone deserves freshly roasted, specialty coffee that is certified organic, ethically sourced and better for us and the planet we share. It’s all about taking a moment from our fast-paced lives and savouring life’s wonders.

Campos Coffee engaged us to rejuvenate the Sacred Grounds brand by disrupting the supermarket coffee category and redefining how specialty coffee is perceived by everyday shoppers. This vibrant new range adopts a modern lifestyle twist that radiates with positivity and brightens up the shelf with fun-loving illustrations and soulful messaging. Available on shelves at Woolworths Australia-wide.

We created a fun-loving visual identity that cuts through a sea of browns and golds on the supermarket shelf with a flavour-popping personality. Each unique illustration captures the profile of each variant within a lifestyle depiction. A deep dive into key consumer profiles and their behaviours were important as they guided the illustration concepts within the range.

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We developed conceptual product names and tasting notes and tied in a lifestyle scenario that puts the coffee lover at the centre of the brand story. For example, ‘Breezy Blend’ is an ultra-smooth and approachable roast profile that will have you cruising through your day much like the Aussie surfer starting his day the right way by catching some waves – with a fresh morning brew to follow. Depicting freshness was very important for Sacred Grounds as their beans are locally roasted unlike imported European brands. The fresh blue water and vibrant colour palette adopted across the range evokes freshness. We also added a roast date stamp on the back of the pack to reinforce the ‘fresh coffee’ key selling point.

Sacred Grounds beans are locally roasted, certified organic and ethically sourced — so they’re better for you and for the planet we share. We created brand messaging and the tagline “The Soulful Sip” that honours their position: With every sip, you’re making an effort to support sustainable, fair trade practices and at the same time embracing your daily ritual of savouring quality coffee.