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Design: Ameya Ayachit
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Unitedworld Institute of Design
Tutor: Abhrojit Boral & Sambit Kumar Pradhan
Packaging Contents: Yoghurt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Clay, Aluminium foil
Printing Process: Digital Printing

My Earth Store is a brand initiated to spread awareness and availability of organic/natural foods and such products with healing properties, exploring our deeper & purer connection with the Earth. About the product Curd/ Dahi is a traditional yoghurt or fermented milk product, originating from the Indian subcontinent, usually prepared from cow’s milk, and sometimes buffalo milk, or goat milk. It is popular throughout the Indian subcontinent.

The clay cutlery, which has been swept off the Indian kitchens and given limited access in the drawing rooms attributing to their less durability, is almost at the brink of extinction. In an endeavour to become modern, our country has shown unprecedented growth in almost all major sectors. But the modernity arrived at the cost of certain traditions which were environmentally sustainable and basis of livelihood for communities. Replacement of clay cutlery with plastics is one of those costs we have paid to become modern.

Ironically, plastic which replaced the clay cutlery mostly due to the misnomer “disposable” attached to it can hardly be disposed of. Once the plastic is manufactured, it remains on earth forever. It can only be recycled arduously. On the other hand, clay cutlery can be easily disposed of with least effort and without any cost to Mother Nature.

What’s Unique?
This packaging is to make people aware about using nature-friendly materials more often and eradicate the use of plastic from their daily lives. The clay pot is sealed with foil ensuring the yoghurt doesn’t spill out of the pot. As clay is a porous material, it has the ability to absorb water. When you make yoghurt in clay pots, the clay absorbs the excess water and so the yoghurt is much thicker and richer. The label also gives an earthy, Indian feel with the colours and the pattern.