Derrick Lin


Design: Moises Baca
Location: Mexico Project Type: In Process Of Pre Production
Client: Battana
Packaging Contents: Pottery
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper / Foil / UV Ink / Emboss
Printing Process: Screen Printing

Battana was born as the idea of a collective of ceramic artists and designers, a space where the exhibition and sale of art objects with a limited amount of pieces is encouraged. Branding and packaging were developed for this project, conceptually based on the organic forms present in the birth of each piece of pottery. We opted for a color palette with contrasting and vivid tones that also generates a color system for each type of product.

One of the main objectives was to be able to generate a contemporary, modern and elegant brand, without being boring. The icon of the brand was generated based on the hands, the connecting element between ideas and shapes in the clay, it had to communicate the use of these tools and the shape of a secondary character within the brand but that serves as a distinctive element.

What’s Unique?
Shapes and textures that make you want to touch it and keep it.