Chobani: Fresh From The Farm

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Derrick Lin


Design: Natalie Tai
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: The One Academy
Tutor: Deanie Cham
Packaging Contents: Yoghurt, Yoghurt Drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, metal, wood, twine, sackcloth
Printing Process: Digital printing

Like any industry, the dairy sector is riddled with scandals. Most common among them being the abuse of the dairy cows themselves that face being imprisoned in cramped pens to being forcefully separated from their calves.

Chobani, a yoghurt brand that is based in America, is aware of the problems the dairy industry has faced. Even though the brand does produce both dairy and non-dairy products, the brand searched for ways to support the economy, environment and social impacts of its most crucial ingredient: fresh milk from local farms.

“Fresh From The Farm” is a project that highlights Chobani’s fair trade initiative and its pledge to ensure ethical practices in the production of yoghurt.

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What’s Unique?
The project draws inspiration from rustic, country-side elements that people will associated with the dairy industry. The illustration for the bottle labels were done in the etched illustration style. The shape of the glass bottles was inspired by the traditional squarish shape of traditional milk bottles. The bottles were packaged into a metal basket that was soaked in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar to give it a rustic look. The design of the basket was inspired by milkman bottle carriers.