Agency: H OUT H
Project Type: Produced
Location: Taiwan
Packaging Content: Sarsaparilla, soda

Eslite and HeySong team up to develop a special package of canned sarsaparilla with limited edition, to give to people who download the new eslite app as a gift, in order to increase the app download number.

We got invited to design the package system. But before design, we try to discover what kind of visual will make people download the app and share with others? From the concept sharing, we try to dig out the source, and at the end we find out the most direct and pure emotion that you want to share with others is happiness. We use the modern lines, geometric elements to design the flowers and vases, which represent the 2 brand’s essential spirit: the HeySong flowers show the passion to purse the dream and the Eslite vases show the possibility of making life beautiful.