The Right Season: Herbs and Spices

Derrick Lin


Design: Jade Hernandez
Location: El Paso Texas, USA
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Texas at El Paso
Tutor: Antonio Castro
Packaging Contents: Olive Fused Oils, Collection Gift Set, Gift Card, To-go bag, T-shirts, Hats
Printing Process: Digital

The story behind the logo reflects a company that cherishes food, culture, and travel by paying homage to spice trade roots. Humanity’s lust for spices dates back thousands of years ago, where spices such as pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg were equivalent or more expensive to the price of gold. In order to cement that this company takes priority in premium quality and freshness, the chest being juxtaposed with the spices flows beautifully for the message to show the treasure and craft of the company.

What’s Unique?
The most important part of the branding was the cohesive narrative told through each label. Each label is reflective of its country, meant to express its culture, colors, arts, and most importantly: flavor. The Right Season: Herbs and Spices is luxurious and full of flavor, and has been brought to life through bright contrasting colors according to each unique choice, as well as the vintage engravings which provides homage to the history of the spice trade.