Derrick Lin


Design: bobo88dsgn
Location: Serbia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Brandy
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper
Printing Process: Foil stamping

This is small family distillery from Serbia. They needed brandy labels to represent their other business – furniture company. Their furniture is elegant and sophisticated and our goal is to match that with as little use of color as possible. Other task was to make 4 different flavors with same layout.

Idea is to make elegant and royal label with gold print. And at the same time capable of to show 4 different flavors of brandy.

Final design is mix of simplicity and traditional elements. Dashes and dots forms label layout which support and divide its elements. Bottom field is for specifications. Variable elements (left corner) use to divide flavors. Small mark on the main label and the color of the top neck label are same. Hand signature was incorporated in design and gives it a serious look.

Logo “V” in the right corner, represents traditional sign from their home town and first letter of the owner’s name. It was edited of historic sign and because of that it is very recognizable in this particular area of our country. Which is very important to mark region from which this brandy comes. Symmetry keeps the whole label balanced and pleasing to the eye. Drawn fruit and the logo on opposite sides.

Thick and textured paper gives it special feel and look. Almost white color of it represents seriousness. While, texture makes every bottle unique. The feel of the touch is also sensational because of its texture.

Bottle selected to represent quality and experience. They are from local factory, with which we reduced co2 and made this whole story ecology friendly.

One more thing about ecology – gold parts for all labels are the same, so its reduce printing costs that was also important to our client. Every bottle sealed with black cap to match main brandy title. Over which goes color strip to divide flavors.

Brandy is made from pure home-grown fruit, without additives. The top quality of the brandy is supported by a luxury label printed in gold on special paper. Result is quiet but the powerful label which goes in luxury apartments with their furniture.