Creative Director: Jay Lim
Designer: Xin Ning
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Zens Ventures
Product Launch Location: Malaysia
Packaging Contents: Health suppliments
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton box, plastic package
Printing Process: 3D embossing, blue hot stamping

ZUTTO is a health and wellness brand from Malaysia with a focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle through offerings of high quality dietary supplements. Tsubaki developed a brand identity for ZUTTO, including new packaging designs for two of its debut products namely the Beautox Gel and Multigrain instant powder beverage that have multi-action detox properties in them. ZUTTO’s products go by the 4 steps of detoxing, which are detoxify, cleanse, digest and beautify.

In Japanese, ZUTTO stands for a unique meaning where it means long-lasting, forever and always. Whereas, ZUTTO as a brand believes in the philosophy of the Japanese people that “less is more” in almost every aspect of our lives. Its products appeal to young and senior folks, including women and men who plan to go on a detox diet for health maintenance or weight management.

The new identity of ZUTTO deploys fun graphic elements – the human characters and the shape of the ingredients – that reflect life as this amazing burst of adventures, and the pop colours make the products stand out. Putting something fresh and new into wellness branding, Tsubaki takes inspiration from Japanese manga when designing the packaging for the ZUTTO products.

The ZUTTO logo has a clean image, with a bold serif typeface. Generally, serif fonts are more readable on print works and they make letters more distinctive and sharp. Serif fonts are all of these characteristics: classic and refined with an old-school vibe. Besides that, the letters “T” in the logo are close to each other, with the arms forming a line. This line represents a bridge, which carries the meaning of “destination”. In the case of ZUTTO, destination is the path to good (or better) health.