3 Friends Ice Cream Bars

Derrick Lin


Agency: Kuudes Helsinki
Art Director: Tony Eräpuro
Graphic Design: Tony Eräpuro, Vesa Viljakainen
Photography: Duotone
Photography Packaging photos: Paavo Lehtonen
Custom Typography: Juho Hiilivirta, Tony Eräpuro
Location: Finland
Project Type: Produced
Client: 3 Friends
Product Launch Location: Finland
Packaging Contents: Ice Cream Bars
Packaging Substrate / Materials: 100% recyclable plastic packaging
Printing Process: Flexography

An ice cream stick that deserves a world-class wrapping. Since 2012, the Helsinki-based 3 Kaveria has been offering the best home made ice cream in 0,5l tub format. Now the success story continues, it’s time to introduce new friends with a new look and flavours in 110 ml ice cream bars. They’re as tasty as they look! Check it out but most of all try them out!

3 Friends, the beloved craft ice cream manufacturer, decided to become the first independent brand to expand their range to ice cream sticks. As a new challenger in the market, the packaging would compete with huge international brands that dominate the category. After testing various lines at the freezer aisles, we chose a vertical format. It was the best in communicating both the delicious flavours and the orange brand colour – no matter which way the packaging lay in the freezer. The final result fulfills the 3 Friends’ quality promise with modern, elegant and simplistic style. From now on, 3 Friends will have ice cream lovers eating out of their hands.