Agency: Supperstudio
Creative Director: Paco Adín
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Mareven Food
Packaging Contents: Energy drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polietilene
Printing Process: Sleeve

There is a new concept included within energy drinks, that aims to reduce stress and improve mood. This is known as ‘Brain tonic’, a combination of natural extracts that helps to reduce mental fatigue and acts as a supplement with a mild stimulating effect.

Mareven Food’s mission is to introduce this new concept to the Russian market and launch the Actibo brand with four tastes in polyethylene bottles with a shrink sleeve.

The packaging design is inspired by the variations, surges and peaks of intensity reflected in brain activity graphs. This idea is settle on a print made with overlapped triangles that create a set of transparencies that blend with the colour of the product. In this way, the design is intelligently integrated with the product at the bottom, but let it visible at the top of the bottle.

The information of each taste is composed by combining vertical and horizontal elements to give rhythm and dynamism to the bottle design on this graphic background.

The design of Actibo range is bold and iconic. In this way, the brand attracts attention and arouses the curiosity of consumers.. The packaging creates a beautiful visual universe that stands out on the shelves and in the different media.