CERAMED — moisturizing cosmetics

Derrick Lin


Design: Clёver Branding
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: BIG
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Cosmetics
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography, offset

Clёver Branding and BIG help people with dry skin.

Clёver Branding branding agency carried out a set of works on the development of CERAMED branding. There are many reasons why our skin turns into a dry desert: insufficiently humid air, cosmetics, air conditioners and heaters, and even the hot shower, which is loved by many. Every second of us feels the discomfort associated with dry skin. Often, people simply do not notice the changes that occur to their skin. And when the problem becomes apparent, they understand that something needs to be done urgently. It’s not for nothing that 2 million people search the Internet for a solution to this problem every day.

To effectively restore the skin layer, our body needs ceramides (ceramides) – the key structural elements of the stratum corneum that have a direct effect on the permeability of the skin. When the skin is damaged, they fill in the gaps formed as a result of excessive cleansing, reduce skin permeability, reduce moisture loss and increase firmness. The line of new skin moisturizers developed by BIG is able to provide the required amount of these elements. That is why the new brand got the name – CERAMED.

When CERAMED was launched, there was an empty niche in the moisturizing sector in the FMCG market – there was no single brand that would combine all categories of moisturizing cosmetics: face care, micellar water, intimate hygiene, body, hand and foot skin care. The consumer had to constantly experiment with different brands in different categories – spending extra money without achieving the desired result. Now, having tried one of the products of the CERAMED line and made sure of its effectiveness, everyone can easily find the necessary products for any part of their skin.

CERAMED cosmetic products have achieved indisputable results in their clinical indicators: an ideal Ph level, highly active safe components with proven efficacy, a high content of ceramides and a complete absence of fragrance. We can safely say that today Ceramed is the only brand that offers the most complete series of specialized products for daily care of any area of the skin: face, hands, body, intimate hygiene and legs.

The brand is aimed at women 25-45 years old with an average income. These women are married and have children. They spend a lot of time with their children doing household chores, trying, in addition to work, to keep up with sports and follow trends. At the same time, they profess traditional family values. They are literate people with critical thinking, so they are not inclined to believe in marketing and advertising promises, but rather entrust their health issues to official traditional medicine.

When developing packaging for CERAMED products, the team of the Clёver Branding branding agency was faced with the task of creating a feeling of an expert brand that came to supermarket shelves from pharmacy chains. This was also due to the MED particle, which is present in the brand name and creates the image of a high-tech medical product. A general decision was made to develop a strict, laconic style of packaging with a lot of “air” in order to focus the consumer’s attention on the “near-medical” brand name and the expert logo, which occupies a significant part of the composition. In addition, the packaging of each of the products in the line contains an individual element that symbolizes toned elastic skin – the result achieved after using CERAMED.

To date, there are 5 SKUs in the CERAMED brand line, which are widely represented on supermarket shelves and in online marketplaces.