Gunpowder Mill Black Spiced Rum



Design: Holly McNicholas
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Central Lancashire
Tutor: Pete Thompson, Ted Howell
Packaging Contents: Alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Cork, Twine, Copper, Wood

Gunpowder Mill Black Spiced Rum – Made in the Spirit of Gunpowder.

A 100 proof/60% alcohol by volume rum infused with chillis, fruit peel and spices to further the theme of heat. The rum, like the rum of old, will light with contact with significant heat or flame for a high end and unique rum experience.

Rum and gunpowder were once mixed as a way to test the strength of rum in the days of the navy. If the rum was proof, the mixture would ignite proving its potency, keeping rum at a fiery 60% alcohol by volume or 100 proof, and protecting the gunpowder stored in the bellies of ships if the rum were to spill during storms and sea battles. Today Twickenham Gunpowder Mill, once owned by notorious gunpowder company Curtis and Harvey and built in 1504, has been renovated to distil a sophisticated and explosive new rum to preserve the 500-year history of the mill and the age old tie between rum and gunpowder.

The rum is housed in a black glass bottle which additionally protects the flavours, with the logo pressed into its surface, alongside a copper neck and aglet highlight. The cork is attached to a fine black cord with copper decoration to imitate a wick and can be pulled to help remove the cork (3D Modelled in Blender v2.83.2). Additionally, the logo is built from type inspired by militaria and warehouses, the logo is designed to invoke the circular nature of the bottle and the barrels the rum is aged in, bringing together the rich heritage of the industry with the modern of round sans serifs and mono typefaces.

Modelled on mortar bombs, the icon bomb shape is meant to evoke the heat and danger of the rum inside, while the more premium touches of glossy black glass, pressed logo, and copper and twine wick remind the audience of the quality and care put into the product.

Further brand materials continue the theme of heat and scorching, along with the trail of a wick, leading the way to the gunpowder mill.

To further the experience, the jigger is based on old gunpowder measures and the glasses are round to link back the bottle.