Derrick Lin


Design: Anit Vida
Location: Hungary
Project Type: Produced
Client: Krumplibogár
Product Launch Location: Hungary
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

“Vegan stuff, for all staff”

The slogan is also their philosophy – their goal is not only to meet the needs of veganism, but also making fresh, healthy, preservative-free products that while consuming, their plant-based origin is secondary. After all, we love to eat, and that is the most ideal scenario if we do not have to compromise on taste.

They source raw materials from domestic producers, or they grow them on their own lands by themselves. Their recipes are unique, such as their seed-milk that is made with a unique technology. They also

think of our four-legged friends, so a special dog biscuit is part of the product family as well. The main task was to break with the usual image of vegan brands, which are traditionally based on minimalism and purity. They want to make Krumplibogár products almost jump off the shelf with its brave, figurative character, reaching out to catch people’s eyes. Contemporary Japanese restaurants served as a major inspiration, with their surreal, slightly fairytale-like but non-intrusive visuals.

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What’s Unique?
Each product, each package, tells a separate story with unique characters that symbolize and personalize the ingredients of that product – the lead actor and the bridge between products is Krumplibogár (Potato Beetle) itself, who guides the consumers through the packaging of the products.