Design: Studio Unbound
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Irish Cream Liqueur
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle

Studio Unbound presents the launch of a revolutionary Irish Cream Liqueur, MU.

Studio Unbound are a nomadic branding agency with roots in London and Glasgow. Having started their agency at the beginning of the pandemic, they have been consistently making an impact on the FMCG sector. This year is no different. Studio Unbound are stepping into 2021 with a bang, unveiling their latest concept: MU, a new and subversive Irish Cream Liqueur.

The year 2020 required real improvisation and in true vagabond style, Studio Unbound rose to the challenge. They always have an ear to the ground, staying up to date with our ever-changing world. With a surge in incentives for plant-based milk, and it fast becoming the new ‘norm’, dairy milk producers are now having to focus on delivering a premium product. Dairy milk consumption is no longer an everyday event but instead is reserved as a treat and regarded as something of a luxury. With this new shift in perspective, Studio Unbound have used the opportunity to take something traditional like Cream Liqueur and turn it on its head, bringing something new to the forefront.

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Studio Unbound set themselves the task to challenge the perception of Irish Cream Liqueur as being an outdated and unfashionable choice of drink. Their approach is a stripped back to showcase the purity of the product, this also gives it a more contemporary feel compared to the market. Although minimal, the design details of the bottle are boldly intentional and true to the nature of the product. On first impression we see the bottle is shaped like a milk churn and if we look closely at the neck, we see an Irish knot, a nod to the product’s heritage and creaminess of the product. The logo itself is embossed in the centre, leaving negative space between the letters, where, if we look carefully, we notice a subtle yet sophisticated imprint of the cow’s head. Once you see it, there’s no missing it.

Studio Unbound’s unapologetic design doesn’t shy away from the nature of the product but instead reclaims what it means to enjoy Cream Liqueur, and to be proud of it.

‘We are truly invested in this concept. MU tells a story that we could totally get behind and we had a lot of fun along the way, encouraging ourselves to go bigger and bolder with how we wanted to tell that story.’ said Martyn Garrod, who is the Founder and Creative of Studio-Unbound.

Studio-Unbound are a small-but-mighty branding studio that works with aspiring founders of FMCG brands. They always try to deliver work that’s a little different, breaks the mould, and demands to be noticed.

What’s Unique?
The design of the bottle is minimal yet bold and sophisticated. In the negative space of the logo on the bottle we see an outline of a cows head. You need to look properly to see it and once you do, there is no unseeing it!