Aesthetic Of ‘Performa’ Album

Derrick Lin


Design: Lauryna Narkeviciute
Location: Lithuania
Project Type: Produced
Client: Twenty Fingers Duo
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Music Album (CD)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Embossed press, Screen printing

AESTHETIC OF ‘PERFORMA’ ALBUM – Not only to hear, to see, but also to touch, feel, seek and discover.

‘Performa’ is an audiovisual project that unifies digital art and contemporary music. 6 musical pieces, written by 6 young composers known in Lithuania and around the world, were combined by contemporary music ensemble ‘Twenty Fingers Duo’. Album visuals was designed by project co-author, visual artist Lauryna Narkeviciute who also created six artworks for the live performance, based on primary ideas and conceptual outlines suggested by composers.

The main visual axis of ‘Performa’ album is form, sensation and exploration. Meticulously selected textured paper, embossed press cover, rich color screen printing, a booklet bound with black threads, a double-sided black CD, smart QR codes, minimal but purposeful compositional design details, references wrapped in symbols continue the audiovisual journey and the ongoing game with our senses.

‘Performa’ – is a search for a new narrative and connections that allows you to break out of stereotypical frames, just like a game, deconstructing the primary ideas of the project. Visual artworks, that were created without hearing the music, only by reading the composers’ concepts, and displayed at ‘Performa’ live performance, landed on the pages of the ‘Performa’ booklet. The album, where all the music is created by Lithuanian composers is a dedication to Lithuanian nature, thus purposefully chosen delicate puzzle of letters on the cover reflects authentic Lithuanian signs and symbols. The cover became a continuation of interpretation, by constructing the connections and allowing the forms to be felt physically by touching the embossed ‘Performa’ album title that was turned into signs. Subtle forms engage in the search for letters and symbols.

Album aesthetics take us to the scenography of a live performance, where the artists are illuminated in the dark by artworks projected on the horizontally hanging screen above the performers. On the black cover of the album, the white lines composed above the letters recreate the use of light during live performance and minimal aesthetics which is inherent not only to this particular project, but also to its creators.

‘Performa’ is an eclectic journey that simultaneously combines sound and visuals through our unique experiences and distinctive art forms.