Designer: Rosalba Porpora
Illustrator: Ariane Butto
Branding: Squad Ink
Location: Germany
Project Type: Produced
Client: Appellation
Product Launch Location: United Arab Emirates
Packaging Contents: Scent
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Glass
Printing Process: Golden Foil stamping

Appellation is a wellness company based in Dubai focused on creating naturally aromatic products designed especially for families, helping to create a calm, happy home through scent.

I took care of the design for the “calm series”: a trio of hand-blended, all-natural essential oil blends designed with parents in mind.

Appellation wants to evoke places and pleasant memories, that’s why for the design of the labels and of the tubes I played with the concept of the door to highlight the idea of being transported to a nice, calm space while using the natural scents.

The colors a warm to highlight the wellness feeling and the door and the logo get highlighted by the gold relief printing, being gold part of appellation brand identity.

What’s Unique?
The golden foil technique highlights the concept of the door at base of the projects while highlighting the touching sense too making sure that the product is going to be perceived from all the user’ senses.