Design: Ekaterina Nikolaeva
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
Extra credits: Leonid Slavin, Dmitry Chernogaev
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Iggy Pop Beer is an educational project aimed at creating a label for any beverage. The main criterion is the use of a previously developed logo and your own font. The decision was made to make the label for the beer from the logo of Iggy Pop, a simple, tart beverage. Iggy Pop is an alternative rock legend known for his cute wild antics and edgy sound. The task was to convey the image of the musician through typography, to show his audacity, courage, sharpness and charisma. The Iggy Pop label should attract the attention of the buyer, help to stand out from competitors and form a memorable brand image; The drink should not be very expensive. The main target audience of beer consumers are people aged 25-30, self-confident, who value freedom above all else.

Part of the logo is made of simple elements – a square and a circle, symbolizing brutality and charisma, into which sharpness and dynamics burst. The label design should appeal to both new audiences and existing fans alike.

Beer perfectly quenches thirst and is an indispensable attribute for friendly meetings. beer is suitable for any occasion. The taste of malt has its own flavors and shades .. The enormous popularity of the drink and the rather simple technology of its production has led to the fact that any grocery store can boast of hundreds of varieties of bottled beer. The beer label allows producers to stand out against the general background. High competition made manufacturers think about the quality of beer labels. As a result, today you can observe an incredible variety of shapes, colors and ways of decorating beer bottles. It is thanks to competition that manufacturers not only improve the quality of beer, but also seriously work on the printing component of the product, which makes it possible to take a bottle with an effective label in hand with pleasure.

In the classical sense, beer is an everyday commodity (FMCG).

These products have high turnover and high demand. The consumer spends a minimum of time on the selection process, so the label should be quickly read and stand out on the shelf. The Iggy Pop brand must be emotional. The consumer has too little time to choose; he needs to attract him with bright emotional elements on the shelf