Location: South Korea
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Shampoo
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Digital printing

Dr. Women is an elegant, sophisticated hair loss shampoo for young women.

Most hair loss shampoo was still design as a cure or medicine, requiring a refined design that would make young women feel friendly. To solve this problem, we devised a refined hair loss shampoo package for young women and established a visual language for intuitive information.

Dr. Women’s shampoo containers are in wine form, and consumers can feel luxurious and beautiful. The refined graphics and typography make it easy to recognize the features and information of the product, allowing consumers to purchase products suitable for their scalp type.

Dr. Women is developed graphics, intuitive information recognition, and color systems that symbolize three scalp types.

  1. For the oily scalp, the oily pores are expressed in circles. The yellow circle means scalp with a lot of oil. The body color of the oily scalp is blue, which symbolizes the effect of removing excess oil from the scalp.
  2. Dry scalp lacks moisture and expresses dry scalp in triangles. The orange color of the triangle means dry scalp. The body color of the dry scalp is blue green, symbolizing the effect of moisturize.
  3. Sensitive scalp expressed in squares. The rectangular purple means sensitive scalp. The body color of the sensitive scalp is light purple, which is less irritating and symbolizes the nutritional supply effect of shampoo.