Feel Sparkling Water

Derrick Lin


Design: Jane Berezhna
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: HSE Art and Design School
Tutor: Oksana Paley
Packaging Contents: Sparkling/still water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

Feel still or thrill, a can of water that shows not only tells
Hydration has never been a bigger hype. Besides the fact that its essential for our very existence, its also a trend. How many times have we been reminded about the two liters aka 8 glases of water a day as a magical salvation to all our problems. Lifeless hair? Hidrate! Dry skin? Hidrate! Want to loose weight? Honey, not only drink two liters, four would be ideal!

The design concept shows us a patch of hydrated skin presenting still and sparkling water as it would on our physical being. Still as in smooth, neutral, and vital for the wellbeing, and sparkling as a thrilling experience rushing through our body creating goosebumps on its way.

When recognizing the idea behind this unique display of human fuel, its not difficult to put two and two when examining the typography style used. What other permanent and solid looking writing other than tattoos could there possibly be to makeup our exterior.

The gentle and straightforward design gives the product an effortless appearance making it accessible to a wide range of consumers. Cans of water have never been made more relatable.