Hush-a-bye Soft Baby Powder

Alexandra Pershina

Design: Alexandra Pershina
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: HSE Art and Design School
Tutor: Leonid Slavin, Evgeniy Razumov
Packaging Contents: Baby Powder
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Pouch Packaging – plastic film, aluminum foil
Printing Process: Flexography

Sachet packaging for soft baby powder Hush-a-bye with different flavors – “first snow”, “green meadow”, “sweet candies”. The graphics on the bags depict the powder being swaddled in diapers. Each type of perfume is packaged in the appropriate color and accompanied by small drawings on the “fabric”. For “first snow” it is a cold blue color and snowflake icons, for “green meadow” it is green and tiny flowers, respectively. For “sweet lollipops” – delicious pink and lollipop icons, of course.

Also, each type is distinguished by the inscriptions on the left side of the “diaper”. The text describes the dreams of a child swaddled with this type of powder. 🙂 “Dreams about the first snow, white snowdrifts, the smell of freshness, warm mittens and sweet cocoa,” says the “winter” powder. “Dreams about a green meadow, marvelous flowers, blue sky, beautiful butterflies and the sun” – they dream after the “meadow” powder. “Dreams of sweet candies, delicious cakes, fresh rolls and fresh berry pie” – for a “candy” powder.

The hole for hanging the package is made in the shape of a heart, duplicating part of the Russian letter in the title. In the lower part there is a limit with the permissible age for the use of powder (from zero years old – suitable for newborns) and an indication of the hypoallergenicity of the product.

The pouches are opened by tearing off the top, and they have a zip closure, so the package can be closed and opened several times. Or, for example, the sachet can be used to refill a reusable jar. All important information – content and weight – is located at the bottom, so that when the top is torn off, the information is stored directly on the package for easy orientation during future use.

What’s Unique?
A graphic image that is presented in a new way. And also the legend of the connection between the smell of powder and dreams, which supposedly will be dreamed of.