Design: Aadil Mulani
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: National Institute of design, Ahmedabad
Tutor: Dr. Tridha Gajjar
Packaging Contents: Perfume bottle with secondary packaging
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Borosilicate glass in secondary cardboard box
Printing Process: Offset printing with foil stamping

MOHÍ is a perfume brand that highlights the attributes of India’s well-known fragrant flowers which are used to extract scents. The brand’s visual language aims at giving an exotic and elegant look to the primary and the secondary packaging, exclusively designed for young adults, especially girls.

The packaging is a coherent design which consists of a truncated trapezoid-shaped secondary package along with an elongated octagonal bottle inside it. The bottle sits in an octagonal shaped cavity on a pedestal so that it remains stable inside the box. A pull string is also attached on the top of the box in the direction in which the flap opens with a 45° placement to make the unboxing experience easy and understandable.

All the colour variants of the packaging are derived from the actual flowers and generated through adobe colour palette. Pastel colours give a friendly and exotic touch and are used to target the young adults. Also, the hues of colour on the bottle are used in a way that a connection can be drawn with the specific scent inside.

The perfume can be sold as a single unit or in a set of three for gifting purposes. The bottles are designed to be stored at a stationary place only.

What’s Unique?
The elongated octagonal shape of the bottle is inspired by the receptacle of a flower and the unboxing experience of the secondary packaging is inspired from the way a flower blooms. In addition, each flap carries a monogram with an explanation of the significance the respective flower holds in the Indian context.