Honey Twigs

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Django Digital
Designer: Niloni Pomal
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Honey Twigs
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

Honey with us, it’s never a messy affair!

By introducing innovative mess-free, easy-to-use, single-serve packaging. – We at Honey Twigs successfully tackled one of honey’s most sticky characteristics. We saw a problem, we found a solution; Which lead to – Honey, without the mess!

Sourced from some of the finest bee-farms and orchards, we packed our beautiful golden nectar into twigs that give you the instant perk-up you need. Each infused with flavours that are so versatile and easily pairable with almost anything.

No drip, no spoon required – just the goodness of honey laced with the convenience that allows easy consumption anytime-anywhere. It’s no secret that our honey’s brand new identity makes honey storage woes a thing of the past!

Our simple innovation revolutionized the consumption of this household item into one that appeals to a consumer that is always on the go. This consumer not only values trends but utility and convenience.

While supporting ethical bee-farming and being socially responsible, we believe that the small changes in everyday eating habits is what fuels our vision to strive for a better quality of life.

Our new packaging emphasizes not just on aesthetics, but also on the usability of the product. We also kept in mind the need for supplementing the consumer with the right and correct information that ensures transparency about the brand as well as product.

We do hope that by being recognised, we lead a lot more people to make that small change; the change that brings us all one step closer to a better lifestyle.