POLMOS ŁAŃCUT : the history of the vodka distillery

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Derrick Lin


Design: Piotr Łapiński
Location: Poland
Project Type: Limited Edition
Client: Polmos Łańcut
Packaging Contents: “Rosolis” liqueur
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper
Printing Process: Offset printing, UV printing, Foil stamping, cold stamping

Polmos Łańcut is one of the oldest Polish distilleries with over 250 years of tradition. It was established in 1764 on the initiative of Duchess Izabela Lubomirska and until 1924 was under the ordination of the Potocki family. The factory witnessed many historical changes in our country and was the birthplace of industrial-scale distilling. Its fate was sealed in 2004 when it was privatized and then liquidated. In order to commemorate the rich history of the factory, a collector’s package was created, consisting of a series of retrospective graphics and a limited edition of the legendary “Rosolis” liqueur with a refreshed visual identification. This project is a tribute to local enterprises that are disappearing before our eyes.

For the purpose of the project, a visual identification system was developed based on the chronological analysis of the coat of arms of the Potocki family, which is the main theme of the company’s image to date. Revitalization included a change in the form of the sign, unification of its colors, correction on the date of the establishment of the factory and introduction of the original lettering in the name of the enterprise. Additionally, the shield of the coat of arms was inscribed in the negative space of the sign, which metaphorically refers to its expiration.

What’s Unique?
A series of ten graphics depicting the history of the factory was developed on the basis of a historical analysis and props collected by the Distillery Museum in Łańcut. The prototype of the figures was made in the drawing technique, stylistically referring to the intaglio printing techniques from the second half of the 19th century. The prints were duplicated in the inkography technique and embedded in a special portfolio, complementing the collector’s package. Based on the graphics, a large-format wall infographic with a linear character was developed.