Derrick Lin


Agency: Eastline Design Studio
Design Head: Prachi Shah
Location: India
Project Type: In production
Client: India Incense Sticks Pvt Ltd
Packaging Contents: Incense Sticks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Kraft Paper Boxes
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Sarojinee is one of the most unique incense stick brands in India. It originates from the local hamlets of Maharashtra and has the most offbeat but intoxicating fragrances one could ever find for an incense stick. Most incense sticks are usually sold in a dark brown or black color in India, but Sarojinee has a range of colorful incense sticks which makes it easier for the consumer to identify and resonate with. The fragrances that Sarojinee imbibes in its sticks are Floral Bouquet, Mysterious Woods, Fruit Blast ad Precious Amber. They are completely natural and do not cause any kind of irritation or leave any colour on the hand while in use.

The aim of this brand was to create a packaging that is as unique as its name and as unique as the product it sells. “Sarojinee” in India means a lotus. The pattern used on the box is a repetition of a lotus symbol in such a way, that the negative space forms a ‘crown’ which represents the high standard and quality of the brand and product, even though it is produced locally. The solid colors used in contrast to this pattern are the derivative colors of the incense sticks that go inside the box ; olive green, chrome yellow, deep red and violet.

The pack is available in 2 sizes, 20 grams and 100 grams and is sold to the niche incense stick markets in the state of Maharashtra. Incense sticks are used widely at places of worship in India, and most of these are available in aluminium laminate pouches with a generic print on it. The packaging of Sarojinee will make it stand out amongst all the other brands because of its unique box packaging and consistent graphics that go over it. The solid colours are eye-catching and create a high contrast with the logo. The material used to make the boxes is kraft paper and has the graphics printed over it by the method of digital printing. Even though incense sticks are sold at a very cheap price, the pack gives it a superior look and makes it one of the most premium looking incense stick brands in India.

What’s Unique?
The unique colors of the pack with repeating patterns on a kraft paper box breaks from the standard and generic laminated and plastic pouches that are used to sell these sticks. The solid colors are matched to the natural dye colours used in the incense sticks.