Tender Food’s Ready Meals

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Derrick Lin


Design: 2D STUDIO
Location: Bulgaria
Project Type: Produced
Client: Tender Food
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Ready meals, food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, paper
Printing Process: Offset printing

After designing the visual identity and establishing a few packaging designs, we were tasked with developing a new product type for Tender Food – ready meals.

The main issue to tackle was that the products were to be launched in Southeast Europe, where the segment of ready meals is saturated with a few familiar and repeating dishes. A huge amount of potential buyers are concerned about processed foods and the preservatives used in them. They are also hesitant to reach for these options since they don’t expect very good quality.

Our client’s mission was to fill these gaps and prove that it is in fact possible to produce and offer convenient products that are diverse, taste great, and are also great for you. Instead of artificial preservatives, the products are packaged under high pressure to ensure their shelf life. The ingredients used are absolutely real and the sous vide recipes are unique to the market.

The top-view shots are our visual presentation of the product, its individual ingredients, the actual proportions, and the size of the portions. It is quite important to the public, unfamiliar with the recipes. This proved to be a successful “scheme” of the dish, that works even better than the title. And of course, at that scale, the meals are quite enticing.

Our next priority was establishing that these products are prepared using sous vide, free of preservatives, and packaged using a special high-pressure technology. We used friendly and clear icons to mark this and reserved the back of the packaging for a brief explanation of how this process works.

Our last touch was the inside of the paper box, which we used to place a short history of the recipe of the dish. This is just a small detail that you can discover while you enjoy your meal.

Our informative approach to this packaging design helped the new products to be easily and well-received. The launch was successful and shortly after we were tasked with preparing the design of a few more additions to the Tender Food’s ready meals lineup.