Flora Frozen Products

Derrick Lin


Design: Senso Creative
Location: Serbia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Flora
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Frozen Fruit and Vegetables
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polypropylene Pouch
Printing Process: Flexography

Flora is a brand with a long tradition of producing frozen fruits and vegetables. We redesigned the brand’s identity while keeping a connection with the original visual. The project included a whole new packaging design concept and product photography production.

In this project, we had a challenging task to revive a brand with a long-lasting tradition. Keeping a connection with the previous identity, we redesigned the brand’s logo and typography. The new packaging design consisted of two separate product lines – Premium and Standard.

Using special techniques in flexography, we created premium-looking packaging that will communicate with target markets. A Nine-colour print job on foil with partial matte finishing and glossy detail make the product stand out among the competition.

The packaging design concept included interactive elements – QR codes with links to the brand’s social media. Easily scannable, they provide direct access to the company’s blog with food preparation recipes, Instagram and Facebook profiles.

What’s Unique?
We created a unique design in this product category using a special printing technique that gives products delicate touch. Matte finishing combined with glossy detail and interactive elements that connect packaging with digital, make this product unique in South European, South-East European and Middle East markets.