Honey & So

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Design: ADD Branding
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Produced
Client: Honey & So
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Glass, BOPP paper
Printing Process: Offset, Digital Printing

Honey & So is a Sird type honey maker located in Wadi Doan city in Yemen.

Every 2 years, a honey crop called special is produced, as it concentrates favorable properties due to the region’s climate during this period.

To commemorate its special 2020 vintage, a new label inspired by the richness of local geography and culture was created. Wadi Doan City Valley is an oasis within the desert, in contrast to the arid environment around it, it survives on small beekeeping, planting and tourism activities.

The creation of the label intends to uniquely represent each detail of this magical environment. The material includes the grandiose buildings of temples and houses, placed inside rocks and mountains. Palm trees and flowers belonging to the ecosystem are also present on the label, as well as details that range from typical women’s clothing and specific windows in the region.

A very relevant factor for the region is the importance of religion for its population. This element is directly linked to the peculiar architecture and something very unusual happens in this region. The main buildings such as temples and houses have the upper part painted in blue. This happens for two reasons: The first is that in this way the internal temperature of the environments decreases drastically and makes life less difficult. The second is more relevant and is linked to religion; by painting the upper parts of houses and temples blue, it is believed that they are closer to the sky and its gods.

So blue is used on the label in order to demonstrate how this color can brighten the lives of all who reside in this unique region of the earth. All the elements that were created for Honey & So uniquely, vibrantly and with personality demonstrate the distinctive way that life and culture are at Wadi Doan.

What’s Unique?
The region and local culture are unique and to reflect this on a label for a special honey crop was a pleasurable and satisfying challenge.